So here it is, our first of 12 amazing deals leading us up to Christmas. Thanks Sony.

On the PlayStation Store right now you can get your hands on Little Big Planet 2 with 10 DLC packs all for £24.99. If you’re a PlayStation Plus Member you get yourself an extra 10% off all this goodness (£22.49)

The DLC Packs included in this deal are:

-Jak and Daxter Costume Kit

-Festive Goodies Level Kit

-God of War Level Kit

-Heavenly Sword Level Kit

-inFAMOUS Costume Kit

-Killzone Costume Kit

-Kratos Costume Kit

-Sackboy On The Run Dynamic Theme

-MotorStorm Costume Kit

-Animals Costume Kit

The clocks ticking PlayStationer’s.

What other Deals would you guys like to see?

Source : OPMUK

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