An ‘insider’ has apparently told Kotaku that EA are planning on expanding Dead Space into a multi-game franchise!

Can this really work? Dead Space is great because it play’s on our fears of the unknown and closed dark spaces. The sound design within the games is also a huge part of the horror,  and needs to be kept to create the Dead Space atmosphere within any new games.

First up on the rumours list is a first person shooter. This makes sense. FPS’s are always big sellers, and seeing as we have already had a Light Gun Game in the series (Dead Space Extraction) I can see how this would work.

The second rumour is something that is a little less obvious for the series, a space combat game, think Ace Combat but in space. I’m not to sure about this one. I can see how it would be fun, but it just doesn’t sound very Dead Space.

The final rumour floating around is that of a cover based shooter. You can only imagine that this would play the same as Dead Space 2, but have the added advantage of the cover mechanic. This, to me sounds like the best rumour. I don’t want the basic game play of Dead Space to change, but adding features to it that could only make it better, is surely a good thing.

There is no confirmation that any of these rumours are in fact a Dead Space game, only that it’s being worked on by the Dead Space team. Of course one of these ideas might be being incorporated into the already rumoured Ice Planet set Dead Space 3, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Where would you guy’s like to see the Dead Space series go next? Sound off in the comments below.


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