This weeks PlayStation Store update will see the arrival of fresh DLC for Resistance 3.

Insomniac Games have confirmed via their twitter that the Brutality DLC Pack will hit our Digital Shelves tomorrow.

The pack is a 2 player Co-Op survival mode, which has you and a friend attempt to hold out against wave after wave of Grim’s, on a remixed version of the Wales Multi-player Map. Sounds like Resistance does Nazi Zombie’s to me…..Can’t wait. Also included are a few Song’s by Metal Band Mastodon.

No price has been confirmed for the UK Store, but out American friends will be getting it for $3.99, so we can probably expect it to be around the £3.99 mark. UPDATE – The PlayStation Blog Europe has confirmed that UK gamers will have to pay £3.19.

Are you guy’s excited by this new DLC pack? Who’s going to be picking it up?


UPDATE – The Brutality Pack has been delayed due to a technical error with the inclusive theme.  According to the PlayStation Blog Europe this is now being corrected, and as soon as it is fixed, it will be published to the PlayStation Store.

Images and Video Courtesy of PlayStation Blog Europe

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