Today, a leaked video appeared on YouTube which showed a pretty legit trailer for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid game that was to be revealed at tonights VGA. Unfortunately Viacom was fast to act and had the video removed.

A screenshot of the censored video (Click to enlarge)I had the video open in a tab, and managed to get a screen capture of it, I would re-upload it only the repercussion’s would be quite substancial.

Now, if you dont want spoilers I would suggest you stop reading now.


Update : Here is the video, Don’t worry, its not hosted by us !


We will definitely see the return of more ninja-cyborg action, and plenty of phrases such as “Electrolytes” and “Extracting of their fluids”. In the video there are what look like a pair of cyborg killers, dressed in suits, slicing and dicing PMC troopers (Would have thought they had gotten over that in MSG4) who look very similar to the Praying Mantis in MGS4. The voice over mentions “packing the power of a jackhammer into every limb…..” Which of course means more advances in military technology, so more artificially enhanced soldiers.

There are also tons, and when I say tons, I mean it, of Re- words through out the clip, such as “Rebooted”, “Rebuilt”, “Revenge” and my favourite, “Revengeance”, So I think someone rebooted jack, gave him a hardware update, lick of paint, and now he is out for revenge (or vengeance, Its hard to tell).

Another interesting twist is that it appears that Vamp, the allegedly immortal ninja from previous Metal Gear Solid makes a reappearance in Rising, however his face looks very different to how it did in MGS4. At the end of the trailer you see both Jack (or Raiden) and Vamp (or whoever he is) fighting to the death on board a train deep underground, with loads of sparks and the like flying about the place.

None the less, It is a very interesting trailer, and hopefully you wont be waiting long before you can all see it for yourself.

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