As we end another brilliant year for games and gamers we take a little look back at some of the big hitters released this year for the PlayStation brand. You never know Santa may be bringing you a couple of these beauties in just few short weeks. It may also jog your memory as-well in case you missed any.

Dead Space 2: Release January 2011

Way back in January EA released Dead Space 2 the sequel to the highly acclaimed Dead Space. EA and Visceral Games somehow managed to improve on the original in pretty much every department. Take control of Isaac Clarke as he battles more alien creatures across the new space station The Sprawl, while also dealing with the loss of his girlfriend and his sanity. Dead Space 2 is every thing you could ever want in a survival horror game and deserves to sit at the top of that genre. Gorgeous graphics, controls and an engrossing story make this an essential purchase of 2011.

Little Big Planet 2: Release January 2011

Still in January and in case you forgot, Sony released the sequel to it’s brilliant Little Big Planet. The second takes on all the same roles that the original had,” play”, “create” and “share” and expands on them considerably. The game features a new story mode as-well as the extremely connected multiplayer. Add the vastly improved level editor and creator and you have one of the most unique and addictive games of 2011 and for around £15 the game is now a steal.


Mass Effect 2: Release January 2011

January was one stellar month for the PS3, in fact one of the best January’s on record. It finished with Commander Shepard taking his crew to the PlayStation. Take control of Shepard fly across the galaxy and assemble a crew in order to save the universe. Mass Effect 2 may have been released a year earlier on the XBOX 360 but PS3 fans had the best version when it was released. Using the Mass Effect 3 Engine the graphics were mind blowing and at the time the best the PS3 had to offer. The voice acting was brilliant and the amount of game for your money was simply staggering. Add the fact that we had all the extra DLC added in one bundle and it was steal of the year. Make sure you don’t miss this.

Bulletstorm: Release February 2011

February saw the release of two brilliant FPS’s on the PS3. Bulletstorm however was the more refreshing and unique addition. Take control of Grayson Hunt on a lonely tourist planet Stygia which has fallen to mutants as he battles to save his crew and tackle his previous employer. Bulletstorm was amazingly refreshing, you didn’t just kill your enemies but you received  points depending on how you killed them, from headshots to blasting them in the nuts and catapulting them into the air. Bulletstorm’s skill shots were an amazing addition to a FPS and made the game far less generic, add the cocky and filthy mouth of Hunt and it was a recipe for success.

Killzone 3: Release February 2011

Killzone 3 was the other big release in February and saw the invasion of the planet Helgan army by the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance. Fans favourite Sevchenko returned in this over the top shooter. It is very similar to the previous instalments but Killzone 3 was mind blowingly beautiful and the locations were much more varied. Fans could expect the over the top boss fights and their favourite arsenal of weapons. The multiplayer was considerably improved and featured a far more in depth level progress system. It was the pick of FPS until the Call of Duty and Battlefields arrived, but if your after something other then generic war this is the game for you.

Portal 2: Release April 2011

Portal 2 arrives on the PS3 and what a way to arrive, continuing the unique and strange mind bending problems and puzzles. Portal 2 is highly tipped to become game of the year and all though it’s not to everyone’s taste it will certainly satisfy anyone who loved the first and puzzle fans out there. It looked amazing and played just as well.



Infamous 2: Release June 2011

Cole McGrath returned to the PS3 this year. After the destruction of Empire City, Cole and his good friend Zeke set out for New Marias in order to reclaim Cole’s powers and also add to them in order to take down the beast that destroyed Empire City. Along the way Cole will meet a number of new friends and enemies and much like the previous instalment he will have to make hard decisions that will effect what happens throughout the game. The game has had nice lick of polish added to it but it’s very much like the original just more well rounded. The story was amazing and one wonders what Sucker Punch will do with the series now.

Dark Souls: Release October 2011

Dark Souls was the first in the line up that created 2011. Dark Souls is the spiritual successor to the hit Demons Souls. Much like the original players will fight and level up as well as collecting new equipment in order to succeed in this action/adventure RPG. Oh and players will die a lot. Its harder than the previous game and that’s what makes it brilliant. Too many games nowadays want to hold your hand throughout but not this, from start to finish, you’re on your own. Good luck.


Batman Arkham City: Release October 2011

My tip for game of the year 2011, Batman Arkham City sees Batman return in Arkham City. A madhouse of scum and villainy. In it he has to stop many factions from taking over the city and help sooth a bitter rivalry between them. Along the way fans can expect to see The Joker, Two-Face, The Riddler and Mr Freeze along with a lot more. The game builds on everything the original did and Batman Arkham City is possibly the one game this year which I cannot find a fault with. Its fun, exciting and gorgeous and hopefully under your tree this year.


Battlefield 3: Release October 2011

So here is the most highly anticipated game of 2011 and my god did it deliver. The game has a pretty average storyline, American soldier good other soldiers bad but it’s the multiplayer that is memorable. The usual modes return but DICE have tweaked everything. Players can now fly plans and take control of far more vehicles, the scores are far more accurate and the levelling up system is just as addictive as it was before. The game also looks too good to be true even on the PS3. The sound is mind blowing and the lighting effects out of this world. If you want a war game this year this has to be at the top of your list.


Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Release November 2011

Like I said If you are after the best war game of the year get Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3 just lacks that little something for me. Its story continues the hunt for Vladimir Makarov by Capt. Price and Soap MacTavish. The multiplayer is pretty much a Call of Duty standard, the addictive levelling system returns as do the  kill streaks and bonuses. Perhaps the biggest excitement for me is the return of Spec Ops mode which like before sees 1 or 2 players tackling small missions for stars. Modern Warfare 3 is a solid addition to the series and of the the better games of 2011 but it just doesn’t feel as new as Battlefield 3, good but not amazing.

Uncharted 3 Drakes Deception: Release November 2011

Possibly the best first party  game released this year sees Drakes set out to uncover the findings of Francis Drakes secret mission into the Arabian Desert. The game sees a varied amount of locations from golden deserts to underground caverns and busy Arabin Cities. The game is spectacularly gorgeous and the best of the year. The story is heart wrenching and lovable. The game is pretty much perfect and with a vastly improved mulityplayer Sony and Naughty Dog have created a series which will always remain in my heart and hopefully continue to be the pinnacle of video games.


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Release November 2011

Set in Skyrim the fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series is much like its previous instalments. The game is huge and has endless amounts of things to see and do in the world. The game looks far superior to its predecessors’ and along with the graphics the gameplay and quest system have also had overhauls. Players will take the role of the last of the Dragonborn sent to absorb the power of the new instalments in the series Dragons. Players will again have a choice of character models and skills and will be able to create whatever they can think of in the biggest RPG of the year. Skyrim is possibly the biggest game of 2011 and simply cannot be missed.


Obviously we cannot include every game released this year and games like LA Noire, Mortal Kombat, RAGE, Saints Row and Dues EX were very good but just didn’t make the final short-list. Of course everyone has the favourites and understandably so. So what were your favourite games of 2011, let us know below.

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