What details can we gleam from The Last of Us Reveal Trailer?


I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched the video now. You might even say I’m slightly obsessed with Naughty Dog’s latest game.

Below is a breakdown of the trailer with details of what I think is going on.

We now know it’s a Naughty Dog game. This can only be a good thing. We already know that these guy’s make great games and know how to get the best out of the PS3.

The game looks gorgeous. Have you ever seen better foliage?

Whatever’s happened to this world, happened quite some time ago. This room has been left abandoned and at natures mercy for some time. Veins have made their way inside. Everything is dirty and covered in years of grime.

People are meeting a bloody and sticky end. Be it during the original disaster or this very minute.

Ellie, one of the games main characters, is voiced by Ashley Johnson. Some of you may recognise her voice from the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien TV Series. She was the voice of Gwen Tennyson. Ellie has a small scar above her right eye which suggests that she has been involved in some scrapes before.

Upon hearing a fight going on upstairs Ellie runs to investigate. Arriving outside the room, she casually pulls out a knife. She has done this before. She doesn’t seem afraid or apprehensive.

Joel, the other main character in the game, is voiced by Troy Baker. Some of you may recognise his voice from Batman: Arkham City. He was the voice of Two-Face.

From a visual stand point the game looks very similar to Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception. We can probably assume that the voice actors will also be doing the motion capture for the characters and acting out all of the scenes.

Joel ask’s Ellie to loot a body for supplies. Again she does this without flinching, like she’s done it a million times before. She only finds a couple of good bullets which may suggest that ammunition is very limited in the game.

A new threat arrives. We don’t really know what’s these are yet, but they appear to be some kind of zombie-ish creature. Similar to the “28 Day’s Later” Zombies, in how they act and behave.

The creatures enter the room with Joel and Ellie. A couple of them run over to the body, which Ellie has just looted, suggesting that maybe they feed on Humans, while a 3rd searches the room.

Both Joel and Ellie know that they have to fight to survive.

Joel cock’s his gun and readies himself for what might happen next. Unfortunately the noise of the gun has alerted the creatures and one comes screaming into the bathroom.

Our first good look at the creatures reveals a seriously disturbing head mutation, similar in tone to what was seen in the teaser trailer, where fungus was shown to be growing out of the body of an ant.

Ellie and Joel are a team. He’s in trouble and she know’s that their only way out of this is to work together.

With the creature distracted Joel is able to finish it off with a single bullet to the head.

Escaping, Ellie comments that this is the only life that she has ever known. They fight and they survive.

We get our first look at the world outside. First thoughts…..I Am Legend…..Yet more evidence that the world has been like this for some time. The Newspaper stand in the foreground, reveals that there has been some kind of epidemic, and the banner just behind it suggests that this is set in the United States of America, “All American”.

Does your street look like this?! We are looking at years or maybe even decades since this disaster. Everything is completely overgrown and flooded, the car’s are wrecks. Ellie is probably about 16, max, and this is the only life she has ever known, this didn’t happen yesterday.

What do you guy’s think is going on? Have you seen anything that I’ve missed? Let us know your thoughts.

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