With Christmas and New Years soon to be out of the way, what’s the next thing we have to look forward to, Valentine’s Day? Well I’m sure the Girlfriend is, but it’s got to be the Vita launch surely?!

With just over 2 months to go, the excitement is building. We already know the launch line up and I’m sure we’ve all got our pre-orders in. The list of games on release day is very strong and has to be one of the best console launch line-ups of all time.

I’m sure that there will be quite a few sleeper hits, but the number one title has to be Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

A new trailer has hit today, showing off some of the different control options that the Vita version of Uncharted offers players.

Video Credit IGN

I’ll give the new options a go and see what they’re like, but I can see myself falling back to the more classic control system quite quickly.

Do you guy’s like these new control ideas? Could they prove to be even better than the standard layout? How will you be playing Uncharted?

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