So is back online for the new year with new posts already set for release and a few new people on the team. Some of you may know me as Jake, and seen me around on the blog randomly posting up videos regarding Waterfields1 updates or general PlayStation Home updates. Well today I’m your new Blog Manager & Public Relations for PSER!

For the first post of the new year here at PSER, i’ve been scouting the web for some awesome Pre-Order deals for the upcoming PlayStation Vita. I feel I have very well much succeeded not only dropped the price from £279 to £244 but also still getting the Pre-order Bonus package with it! Earlier today I contacted GameStop as I couldn’t believe my eyes of the price they we’re selling the 3G model of the PS Vita for £244.

I asked them a few questions which to me were important to know:

  • Does the Pre-Order of the PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi also include the Pre-order bonus once the vita is released?
  • Once pre-ordered is it delivered on day of release? Or is there an extra delivery charges?
  • Would you be charged on the day of pre-ordering? 

This is their reply to my email: 

Yes, express delivery is free when ordering this item. Express delivery is guaranteed for release day, if not beforehand. Payment is taken in full on placing your pre-order, should the price increase before release, you will still only pay the pre-ordered price. However if it is reduced we will refund you the difference.

Within the first email they did not explain about the pre-order bonus, however I did reply back asking about it:

Yes, the Pre-Order bonus is included.

So all in all, I think personally this really is a no brainer however if you don’t currently have the money to pay the full amount for the PS Vita then I guess the best option would to go with Amazon, Game or HMV and paying a deposit.  As they will charge on the day for the FULL price. 

Also the PS Vita Wi-Fi only model is set at £209 so if your not interested in the 3G version you will still get a huge discounted price from what other retailers are selling the PS Vita for. 

PlayStation Vita ( Wifi Only ) – Link (£209)

PlayStation Vita ( Wi-Fi/3G ) – Link (£244)

What are you thoughts, will you be Pre-Ordering from GameStop? We would love to know your thoughts by leaving a comment in the comment section below or tweet us @PlayStationerEU!

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