Recently Austin Wintory a Composer for the game Journey,  posted on the PlayStation Europe Blog a fantastic video which included the Macedonia Radio Symphonic Orchestra playing music for the upcoming game ‘ Journey’. 

Austin goes into detail about his inspiration for writing the music and working with the orchestra at the  mixing stage at Sony’s San Diego Studio with the Music team & Randall Lowe from the Santa Monica Studio. But before I quote him, i really recommend you watch this incredible video and the music produced for this game is a Journey of its own. 

Austin Wintory:

Probably the most frequently recurring difficulty in discussing my work on Journey is the fact that the game is called Journey! That concept of a metamorphosis, or emotional arc, is at the core of everything in this game, including its score. You can imagine, with a title this succinct, that the puns are both unintentional and constant! The video you see here will give you a taste of what we’ve been up to and the joy that it’s been to create.

One of the inspirations for Journey was Joseph Campbell’s ‘Hero’s Journey.’ The knee-jerk assumption is that something this big demands epic music on the most towering scale yet my gut led me in the opposite direction. While there are definitely some big moments, I would actually describe it as intimate overall. The orchestra seen here is the Macedonia Radio Symphonic Orchestra, conducted beautifully by Oleg Kontradenko in the Macedonian capital of Skopje.

I recommend you visit the PS Europe Blog to read the full article regarding creating & composing the music for Journey developed by ThatGameCompany (TGC) , we also had a interview with Co-Founder of TGC and you can read full interview here.  

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