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At the moment in the United States a bill is underway which will change the nature of the Internet for the good of big entertainment  corporations.

In a nutshell, this bill will give copyright holders authority to govern what is what on the Internet, just to protect their copyrights, and to rake in a bit more cash, and if someone posts something that infringes the slightest bit on their copyrights, that person will face extremely harsh sentences.

On top of that websites will be held liable for the content it’s users posts, for example, if someone posted a link to copyrighted material on our forum, I could be held liable for distributing copyrighted content

Visit for more info n the subject in a nice info-video.

The Internet is meant to be an open platform for people to share whatever they wish, and this is taking away that freedom. The House of Congress, who are working to bring in this bill, do not understand what they are dealing with, or how the Internet works, and are going to go along with whatever the media companies tell them to do.

The United States, or should I say those corporations that have the US eating out of their hands, already have a large amount of control over the Internet, from looking after the biggest Generic Top Level Domain Registries (.com, .net, .biz etc., meaning they have the authority to seize websites operating under those domains.) to being able to censor your YouTube videos because they contain a song that violates their copyrights, and even to something even more serious, such as extraditing a citizen, and a student, of the United Kingdom over to the US for linking to torrents for movies and tv shows. This 23 year old could face 5 years in prison for breaking a law in a country he had very little to do with.

We will be joining many websites including Reddit, Wikipedia, and our friends over on in blacking out our website in protest against SOPA. This my friends, Is cancer for the Internet.

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