Everyone’s biggest complaint about Final Fantasy XIII, was that besides the Main Quest there wasn’t really anything else to do.

This annoyed a lot of older FF fan’s who remember the good old day’s. Kicking back in the Golden Saucer and spending your hard earned Gil on fun mini games was a great distraction.

As Final Fantasy has evolved over the years, less and less of these fun little side quests have been included. Personally I don’t find this a big problem as long as the main story in compelling enough to keep me interested, but I must admit it’s sometimes quite nice to have a change of pace from the constant battling.

I remember arriving at the theme park in FF XIII and thinking, “ah, at last,  I can relax for a bit and just chill out”…..that didn’t happen.

FF XIII-2 is now very close and Square-Enix are looking to show people that their new game has lot’s to offer.

Video Credit – IGN

Puzzle’s, Mini Games, Side Quests, we’re certainly going to have lots to do and plenty of places to explore.

I liked the basic’s of FF XIII and am looking forward to returning to that world, but it’s nice to know that it’s going to be a little more diverse this time.

What do you guy’s think? Are you pleased to see these kind of features back in an FF game? What would you like to see in the future? Sound off in the comments below.

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