Just as in WWE Raw a few weeks ago, Masked Kane is making a return to WWE ’12 and he is bringing some heavyweight talent with him. After months of speculation as to when this was getting released (Mainly by me because I want this DLC so badly) the ‘Legends DLC’ pack is finally being released. For those with WWE Axxess it will be free and will add Dave Batista, Mick Foley and. . . MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE to the roster.

Macho Man is one of the all time greats, he was my favourite wrestler as a child and whenever the ‘Pomp and Circumstance’ theme would play excitement would surge through me and I would act as though I had just been given 10 packets of sweets made up of almost nothing but E numbers. There was no controlling me,  I would jump up and down excitedly screaming ‘Macho’, ‘Macho’. I wanted his action figure more than any other wrestler and will never forget when he was bitten by Jake ‘the Snake’ Roberts pet cobra. I was terrified.

His death last year was shocking and saddening. I had lost a part of my child hood. THQ have delivered so much more in this update than character models. They are bringing a true legend to a new generation of WWE fans and my childhood back to me.

Along with the excellent Legends pack and the completely cost free Masked Kane DLC there is going to be a patch which is going to fix many issues within the game:

General Gameplay

  • Fixed an issue where the ring would flash black or different colours
  • Addressed multiple Finisher system bugs in which players were awarded too many or too few Finishers
  • Fixed an issue where the Defender would freeze if the Right Stick was pressed in any direction while being Irish Whipped
  • Fixed an issue where two Superstars in a pin sequence swapped positions when an interfering Superstar woke the referee as he/she was standing
  • Fixed an issue where Superstars would freeze if certain running corner attacks were performed in the Royal Rumble
  • Both attacks in the Running Strikes and Running Grapples categories should now trigger consistently
  • Fixed several situations where a created Superstar’s move set was being improperly reset to default settings
  • Fixed several instances where players could Irish Whip their opponents through the Cell and/or Barricade
  • Fixed an issue that caused Superstars to freeze when a Finisher was performed
  • Sound is now working correctly after restarting a Brawl
  • Tuned pin escape mini-game in Elimination Chamber matches. Players can now escape after being hit with a Finisher.
  • Fixed a problem where tables were not properly re-spawning in Tables matches (PS3 only)
  • Fixed cameras for environmental weapons attacks
  • Various gameplay bug fixes

Universe Mode

  • Brands can now consist entirely of created Superstars.  However, match card creation still requires players to use Superstars with at least one of each crowd reaction setting (‘boo’ and ‘cheer’) to properly book matches.
  • The Draft option now functions properly
  • Lowered the frequency of injuries in Universe Mode
  • Addressed issue where Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank winners were not getting their title shots at WrestleMania and/or the option to cash in Money in the Bank
  • Fixed various crashes to help improve overall stability of Universe Mode
  • Various Universe Mode bug fixes


  • Made numerous improvements to help improve stability and reliability of Community Creations.
  • General stability improvements in Royal Rumble matches


  • Fixed an issue where the DLC versions of Edge and Christian’s entrance animations were replaced by Alberto Del Rio’s animations if edits were made to their music and/or mini-tron
  • Players can now edit a created Superstar’s move set after viewing the model in Community Creations
  • Resolved several issues with Divas entrances
  • Props can now be disabled during entrances
  • Fixed several issues with Custom Soundtracks
  • General stability improvements in Story Designer Mode

So who’s getting the DLC next week? And More importantly, Who’s Ready? Buzzsaw’s Readddyyyy!!

R.I.P Macho Man (1952-2011)

Source http://wwe.thq.com/go/article/view/252593/wwe-12-title-update-notes-and-dlc-mysteries-revealed

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