Do you own a PS3?

Not sure if you want to get a PS Vita yet?

Then you need to check this out! We all know how pretty the Vita’s games look, but this little handheld has a lot more to offer us than just pretty gaming on the go.

Do you love playing online games against your mate’s but you can’t get to your PS3 right now? No problem, just connect your Vita to a Wi-Fi connection and away you go. The big title offering this feature at launch is WipeOut 2048, which will be compatible with WipeOut HD. I will be very, very surprised if Fifa doesn’t try and do something like this in the future.

Do you want to play your new game but the TV is being hogged by someone else? That’s what Remote Play is for. Stick your Ps3 game in the console and use the Vita as the controller and screen. A full list of games that will use this feature hasn’t been confirmed yet, but Killzone 3 has been seen being played from the Vita, so we can hope that all of Sony’s first party games at least, will support this.

A brand new feature that has been revealed, is the ability to use the Vita as a Sub-Display, allowing you to view a game played on the PS3, from a different perspective. A simple example would be an FPS, where your TV acts as the usually display and the Vita acts as the Mini Map. The possibilities for this feature are huge and sounds very similar to the stuff that the Wii-U was showing off at CES 2012.

Check out the video below for more details. I was already sold on the Vita, but these new features have solidified my position.

What’s your thoughts? Let us know.

Video Credit – PlayStation Blog

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