The sequel to, the game you should have played in 2010 but probably didn’t, Darksiders is being released on the 29th June this year. Aptly named ‘Darksiders 2’ you will take on the role of ‘Death’, one of the four horseman, as you embark on a quest to spare ‘War’ from his future date with oblivion.

If Darksiders was anything to go by, you are going to need a helping hand in your struggle to free your brother so get ready to thank your local retailer as these helpful guys and gals will hook you up with the necessary equipment should you place your pre-order before release.

Game, GameStation and GameStop Ireland: They are offering the ‘Death Rides Pack’ This offers you around 2 hours more game play as you will quest in 3 exclusive missions; ‘Aid an Ancient Construct’, ‘Battle the Bloodless’ and ‘Karn’s Lost Treasure’ These missions will offer you the chance to gain additional experience and loot.

Retailer TBC, ‘The Angel of Death’ will give players an added edge with enhanced armour a pair of upgraded matching scythes and an exclusive visual trail for your companion crow dust. Although availability is not confirmed I think it’s a safe bet to say your local independent retailer will have this pre-order content.

Amazon: ‘The Deadly Despair’ pack is a speed boost for ‘Death’s’ steed ‘Despair’. The perk will last throughout the entire game.

So, you good looking Playstationer readers, where are you most likely to buy Darksiders 2? What do you think of the pre-order bonuses?

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