Famitsu Magazine, in Japan, have been able to get their hands on some fresh new details about the highly anticipated Resident Evil 6.

The magazine is reporting this week that…..

– The game is currently 50% complete.

– It will attempt to bring back some of the horror elements, seen in earlier games in the series. Something that fan’s have been asking for.

– The mystery third protagonist, seen in the trailer, is someone that younger gamers will be able to identify with.

– The President attacking Leon in the trailer, is not President Graham, but his successor.

– The zombies in the game have not been infected with the T-Virus. These Zombie’s do look pretty old school though, what could be going on here? The G-Virus maybe?!

– Capcom is aiming to make this Resident Evil the most fun to play with a revamped control system, allowing players to move slowly left and right while aiming, perform 180 degree turns, front, back and side evade moves and a cover system is being introduced.

All sounds good to me. I enjoyed Resident Evil 5, although I’ll admit it was missing the scares. The next Resident Evil needs to bring the kind of horror that is on offer in the Dead Space franchise, to truly reinstate itself as king of the survival horror genre. Do you think they can pull it off? Let us know your thoughts.

Source – Famitsu Magazine via Andriasang

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