Note : This isn’t really a gaming blog post, but its still an important one. Please share this article, even if it doesn’t concern you, someone you know may want to join us.

Good afternoon readers,

tl;dr – We need more writers, interested ?

Running a blog, especially a gaming one is a hard old thing to do. It requires a lot of organisation, time, and effort, but most importantly, it requires a team. I am very fortunate to have an amazing team of people backing the site, and if it wasn’t for them, none of this would be possible.

Unfortunately, Because we have such a small team, we are very limited as to what we can report on, and how often we can post. And because many of us have either full time jobs, or are in full time education, It becomes increasingly difficult to keep up.

I am writing this post today because we are looking for passionate writer types to join our team. provides a platform for anyone to make their voice heard and share their opinions on anything regarding the world of PlayStation. We also provide an environment for anyone wishing to gain valuable experience in games journalism. You will be working working with our amazing team, and meet all sorts new people from different places around the world. And you dont have to make a huge commitment to writing, you will still make a difference even if you make a few posts a week. And we aren’t looking for just writers, we are trying to produce more media rich content, such as videos and the like, and we are looking at developing our forum community.

If you are interested, All you have to do is get in touch, you can email me at and we would be pleased to have you on our team :D

Thanks for reading!


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