Gelid Games Inc have revealed another one of the five vehicle classes that will be available in their upcoming title Wheels of Destruction which is due out on the Playstation Store March 28th for £7.99 / 9.99€.

Wheels of Destruction will pit players against each other in a variety of battle arenas as you try to survive the chaos and determination of your ruthless opponents, it is every man for himself out there. Will you have what it takes to survive?

The game will feature five vehicle classes, Scout, Soldier, Heavy, Assassin and one more which still has yet to be revealed. The soldier class is the most well-rounded class of them all, the Jack of all trades with solid armor and shielding to help survive the explosive attacks, intense speed and fast firing.

Soldier class trailer:



Heavy class trailer:



Assassin class trailer:



Scout class trailer:



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