Grip Games have today announced the first ever Foosball game to be developed for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita, Foosball 2012.  The game will be available this Spring as a downloadable title and will feature cross play and game continuation features between te PS3 and Vita as well as support for the Playstation Move controller.

Foosball 2012 players will be able to play online against players from the PS Vita to the PS3 as well as the game continuation allowing players to use their PS Vita to pick up from where they left off on their PS3. Foosball 2012 will also feature single and multiplayer modes along with Quick Match gameplay where up to four players can play simultaneously in a local match.

“Not only are we excited to announce the first foosball game for the PS3 and PS®Vita, but we are thrilled to launch the game for both devices with fun and competitive cross-compatibility features,” said Jakub Mikyska, CEO of Grip Games.


“Players will now have a multitude of options to get their foosball fix anywhere, anytime and on either PlayStation® device.”

Check out the new trailer below.

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