This was posted by ScooterMix in the comments section of the PlayStation store update last Wednesday:

Hi Jaward Nice update i got qeustion and i hope get bakc what i have to say.

1. I notice that minis are dying out and i have a gd idea how about mins do old pcs games or old acrade games to put onto minis since i did notice old pc game on minis and old acrade games in past from minis and if they cant do that they feel they dying out

I have not altered the above post. Proof is available by clicking the above link and scrolling down to comment number 26. Unsurprisingly the post was ignored and I am pretty sure it wasn’t for bad grammar.

See this comment has been eating away at me for a while now and no longer can I let it go ignored. I am a huge fan of the ‘Minis’ on the PlayStation store and I am pretty sure I am not the only one and to prove this here are a few ‘Minis’ that deserve more than 5 minutes of your time.

‘I Must Run!’

You have to watch the teaser trailer to find out why you are so frantically running over roof tops but even without knowing the story, the game is still a lot of fun. There are many forms of this game, just as with any ‘Mini’, but it is how it is presented that counts and this game just gets the balance right. The music although soft is still fast paced and adds to the sense of urgency that the game wants to portray. I have yet to finish it but it makes me go back time and time again.

‘Angry Birds’

Once again another recycled idea but this is the absolute master class in how to recycle a good idea and make it great. I have this both on my ‘PS3’ and on my ‘Xperia Pro Mini’ and no matter which version I play I am always made late for something.

‘Flying Hamster’

A fun shoot ’em up that is a copy and paste affair of ‘Parodious’. ‘Flying Hamster’ loses the weirdness of ‘Parodius’ and somehow adds enough cuteness to satiate even Agnes’ (It’s so FLUFFY) from Despicable Me’ appetite.

‘The Impossible Game’

There have been many products since the dawn of advertising that have made many promises that they simply didn’t deliver. Through an understandable fear of a man in a suit threatening me with court action I am wisely not going  into any details here, but did that miracle chemical really get your penny looking like new? ‘The impossible game’ actually delivers what it say on the tin. It is impossible, Sure some of the more clever members of the class would have cracked this demon but many of us will still struggle close to our meeting with the harbinger of souls. It is a very simple concept that will make you keep playing. You are a block and you jump over or onto obstacles to progress through the level. You will only ever press the ‘X’ button in your attempt to reach the end of level 1 but believe me when I say that attempt counter will be in triple digits before you know it. 3 of my friends and I wasted an entire lunchtime (It was 3 hours long) on this overly addictive, video torture device. You want to succeed and nothing in the world will make you stop. At just under £2 this justifies Minis as a category and should not be ignored by anybody with a PlayStation 3 and internet access.

There are many more positive arguments that ‘PlayStation Minis’ are far from dead and I look forward to continuing with my search to find new ones each week on the ‘PlayStation Store’. Studios like ‘Laughing Jackal’ have shown us how quick-fix gaming is the satisfying snack between square meals of ‘Skyrim’ and ‘Gran Turismo 5’.

‘PlayStation Mini’s’ aren’t just for the PS3, they can provide much needed quiet on long journeys as you can store hundreds on a large PSP memory card. They offer all types of genres from puzzle games like ‘Hungry Giraffe’ and ‘Dino Gems’ through to Survival horror games such as ‘The Hysteria Project’ Even monopoly is available in bite size form.

PlayStation Plus subscribers I urge you to play those games you probably didn’t even look twice at and non plus subscribers for £2-£3 per game you really should look at the best form of budget gaming available.

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