Tonight UEFA EURO 2012 Producer Sebastian Enrique took control of the EA Sports Twitter to host a Q&A session.

Below we have compiled some of the best questions and answers regarding UEFA EURO 2012.

Q. Will there be a knockout style online mode like the one implemented in #FIFA12 for the H2H seasons cup mode?

A. Our online mode is the tournament itself, you play H2H games first in group stage and then the knock out rounds.

Q. Is there going to be a demo out?

A. There is gonna be a Trial that will be launched same day as the final product. The trial is only for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Q. Will the boots in EURO 2012 be in the normal Fifa 12??

A. The new boots that come for Euro players are only available in the Euro DLC. Unfortunately no cross over with FIFA on this.

Q. Will the game have the same type of gameplay as #FIFA12 or like #FIFA13 gameplay or a bit of both?

A. As part of using the FIFA Engine and being DLC, there are no gameplay changes within Euro. FIFA gameplay is awesome!

Q. Will it include the qualification rounds?

A. The offline tournament mode does not have qualification. But you can customize it to play it with any team

Q. When is the #EASPORTSEuro2012 released?

A. Euro will be released on April 24th on most places, some regions will have it one day after.

Q. Will there be new commentary and broadcast graphics?

A. Unique Euro commentary is included for the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Polish.

Q. Will be ther new faces of players a uefa EURO 2012 compared with fifa 12?

A. Having 53 teams we have players that are not available in FIFA 12, but we did not perform any new HD 3D scans.

Q. Is there any modifications to the player impact engine?

A. Euro does not introduce any gameplay updates to the impact engine. We are based on the FIFA 12 engine.

Q. Is expedition mode online aswell as offline?

A. Expedition mode is an offline only mode. It’s inspired by board games and in a journey through Europe.

Q. Is Iceland in the game?

A. All 53 UEFA member national teams are represented in the game.

Q. Will the stadiums in the Euro 2012 Ep be available to use in normal FIFA 12 game modes??

A. The 8 new official stadiums that come with Euro are only available in Euro.

Q. Will the team squads be updated as they happen during the tournament in real life? Stats and squad changes?

A. We have squad updates planned, especially one once all the 23-player line ups are announced.

Q. Will any of the players ratings change?

A. The players database in Euro is separate from the players database in FIFA.

Q. Is the add on just the tournament and not qualifying?

A. The add on is much more than the tournament. There is kick off, offline tournament, online tournament, challenges, and expedition

Q. Is there a trial of the DLC available? If so what do it entail?

A. In the trial you can play with Spain or Germany in kick off and there is the chance to try out the offline game modes.

Q. Is there an Ultimate team or career mode game mode?

A. There is no cross over between Ultimate Team and Euro unfortunately.

Q. Will it have it’s own menu? Like fifa 12 etc?

A. Euro is accessible from a menu item in the FIFA 12 main menu. From there you enter into the Euro world :-)

Q. In expedition mode do you pick the 23 man squad out of all of that country players?

A. In Expedition you pick a captain, the rest is randomly assigned at the start. You will acquire players by winning matches.

Q. When will the trial be available?

A. The trial will be available same day as the full game.

Q. Updated euro2012 kits?

A. Most kits for our licensed teams will be as updated as possible.

Q. Will there be Team play? where you can play with friends?

A. Unfortunately online team play is not available in Euro.

Q. Will graphics and animations be changed and improved within the DLC?

A. Graphics wise, the presentation follows the broadcast graphics and art style as true as possible to the real tournament

Check out the first screenshots here

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