Today, Playstation Home Developer nDreams have announced the arrival of Aurora 1.5, set to arrive this Wednesday in SCEA, SCEE and SCEAsia regions.

Players can now level up in Orbrunner faster with the new Auroralite Contraption which is available to purchase, helping you collect the many rewards available from the Orbrunner game. Visitors can now also win free items with the OMG Trap-O-Matic – set it whenever you’re in Aurora, and see if it has caught something next time you visit (rewards include a unique companion and a custom apartment). If you have patience and you set the trap each time you enter Aurora, you’ll eventually win all the items, but if you’re impatient, you can get the beautiful Five Leaf Clover Seat to make you even luckier! Plus check out a brand new Teller of Tales story. And what on earth is being built behind the huge tent?

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