Today there was a live question and answer session for Sniper Elite V2 with the developers Rebellion.

Below we have compiled the best questions and answers which will hopefully clear up any doubts you had about the upcoming Sniper Elite sequel.

Next week there will be a multiplayer announcement next week and a single player demo will be released on April 10th for consoles.

Q. Will there be a beta?

A. No, there will be a demo – released on 10.04.12

Q. Will the Demo for #SEV2 be Co-Op or just Solo ?

A. It’s solo

Q. How long has the game been in development?

A. Around 2 years and we need a holiday!

Q. Do players get more than one way to complete a mission?

A. You get many ways to work through a mission to fulfill the objectives

Q. Are you planning a larger DLC that may be in another part of World War I show you? You may say, a Russian front in Stalingrad.

A. The game will be supported after release and this may involve DLC

Q. There will be a snowy map? Time of day change?

A. We have levels set throughout the day but the game is based in May 1945, so no snow!

Q. Can u tell console players something about the realism of the game: wind, distance, bullet drop, sniper-buddy etc?

A. We strove to create a realistic sniping experience including all factors you mentioned and muzzle velocity, heart rate & posture.

Q. Can you choose different weapons/kit before a mission?

A. Yes, definitely – you can choose exactly which weapons and infantry to use for each mission

Q. Will campaign co-op support splitscreen?

A. No, co-op is online only

Q. Will there be a levelling system? Like getting xp for kills so that you unlock new guns/kit?

A. No levelling system, but we have a comprehensive stat system supported by online leader boards.

Q. Will the console players get a dlc version of sev1?

A. No.

Q. Is bombing run available in single player?

A. No – two player only

Q. Is it possible to complete every mission without being detected by enemies?

A. No – you can stealth through the majority of levels without being noticed, but sometimes combat will be unavoidable.

Q. Are medipaks used to recover health or do you use the hide and recover system?

A. Hide and recover.

Q. Once a land mine or trip wire has been laid, is it possible to pick it back up again?

A. No, so you have to lay them carefully!

Q. How will overwatch work in the single player variant?

A. Overwatch isn’t available to play in single player, but kill tally is.

Q. Will there be trophies/achievments?

A. Yes 41!

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