Capcom is apparently going to release a Premium Edition of it’s latest Resident Evil title.

Not satisfied with just the uaual art books, extra DLC, statues and soundtracks, Capcom is going all out.

The Premium Edition of Resident Evil 6 will set you back 105,000 yen or £818/$1300 and will contain a copy of the PS3 game, a set of four tablet case covers  Chris, Leon, Jake Muller, aka Albert Wesker Junior and the as of yet the unannounced fourth protagonist as well as a prefect replica of Leon Kennedy’s leather jacket.

Now it’s no secret that companies like to offer collector editions for avid fans, most retail from £50 to £150 but for £818 I would want my own cow, not just a leather jacket.

Do you have the money for this? If so will you be buying this? And if so why?

Source: Siliconera

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