Details have been released for the multiplayer aspect Resistance: Burning Skies due out May 30th this year.

Resistance: Burning Skies will feature 8 player multiplayer over wi-fi over three game modes, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and a third mode that will be revealed next week. There will be six playable maps with a voting system for players to choose which maps they would like to play next.

Resistance: Burning Skies will also include social features like leaderboards and utilising “near”.

  • 8 player multiplayer – small games feature intense 2 vs. 2 combat and large games going all the way up to 4 on 4 action. Choose between Quick Match: a fast and easy way to get up and playing immediately or Party with Friends: use the Vita’s cross-game Party application and Party up with friends to join private matches and take advantage of Party with voice chat.
  • Rank Up! – Killing enemies and winning matches is the easiest way to earn XP and Rank Up. Be rewarded with bonus XP for your daring feats of skill. For Example, you may find yourself well rewarded for killing multiple enemies with a skilled grenade toss. Unlock all your favorite weapons and upgrades from the story campaign as you Rank up.
  • Modify & customize your weapons – Upgrades you purchase can be slotted and unslotted from weapons at will, with some even giving your weapons a distinctive visual look. Purchase upgrades for weapons that best suit your personal playstyle. For example, the fan favorite Bullseye can be upgraded with Explosive Tag – which gives your Bullseye Tags and extra explosive kick. But keep in mind if you’re killed, your enemies may pick up your upgraded weapons and use them against you.

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