Enigmo is a puzzle game by Beatshapers which consists of guiding droplets of water, fire and lava from one container to another using various objects and tools at your disposal. There are various obstacles that block your way so the tools that you use will come in handy as you try to guide the droplets to the target container.



Each of the 50 levels in the game have different platforms which have one or more “droppers” (containers that the droplets fall from) at the top where the water, lava or fire droplets come from and then the corresponding containers at the bottom where you must guide the droplets to. The platforms themselves are obstacles as you need to guide the drops around the framework. Some parts of the platforms are made of various materials like sponge which makes droplet guiding a lot more difficult. If the droplets touch the sponge areas of the platform they get soaked up, therefore they won’t reach the target container meaning you will need to use some of the eight tools available in the game to divert the droplets the right way past the the obstacles.

The quicker you can get the droplets to the target container the more points you will get. In the top right of the screen you will see a bonus score. This bonus score drops quite quickly over time until it reaches zero. Once you fill the container(s) the points left of the bonus score is what you get, if you are too slow you will get 0 points, something which I became used to on the more complicated levels. There is also a top 10 scoreboard which places your score within the different Enigmo ranks from novice to Enigmo Master.

I was quite surprised that there wasn’t a tutorial for the game. There is a help menu which shows you the games simple controls but I would have liked there to have been an explanation of the tools at your disposal especially when the game gives you a score based on how quick you are, when you are spending your first try on a level trying to work out what the tool is for you have already lost your bonus once you figure it out meaning you will have to replay the level again.



The controls for the game are pretty simple and the tools are very manoeuvrable so you can get the precise angle or height to control the droplets of liquid. On the more difficult levels the precision control comes in handy as you will need to be precise with the droplets not only with the angle but with the height of the tool to adjust the bounce height of the droplets to fit through caps or to hit bounce pads to open other liquid droppers. The sound for the game is quite annoying, the blipping sound of the droplets caused me to turn the sound off in the game before I had even completed the first level. The graphics are impressive, smooth and crisp and 3D.



Overall Enigmo is a good mini and you will get a good few hours of play out of it but with there being 50 levels I feel there isn’t enough variation, there is that something extra missing which can make it feel very repetitive.


Enigmo is out now for the Playstation Vita, Playstation Portable and the Playstation 3

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