Mad Catz have announced Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII for the Playstation 3.

Set in World War II you will be fighting your way to victory in historically accurate locations with air to air, air to ship and air to ground combat piloting dive bombers, fighters and torpedo bombers. The game will include over 30 beautifully rendered legendary aircraft. Single player and co-op will feature more than twenty multi objective missions adding up to more than 12 hours of campaign missions.

The game supports online multiplayer of 2 to 8 players and online co-op for 2 to 4 players. Check out the co-op and the multiplayer head to head game modes below;

In this classic deathmatch mode, players test their abilities against up to seven other competitors. Tasking each individual flying skill, players must survive with wits alone by choosing the right time and position from which to strike.  With a host of modifiers, you can customize your games to create a level of challenge that matches your skill level.

Team Dogfight
Split into teams to see who can win this battle in the skies.

All players begin with a set number of lives and then fight until only one remains.  Players need the all-round skills to be the last man standing over a number of rounds.

Team Survivor
Teams of players work together to eliminate the other team.  All players begin with a set number of lives, and the last team with lives remaining is the victor.

Scratch One Flattop
Two teams battle to sink each other’s aircraft carriers in this epic aerial battle.  Use dive bombers and torpedo bombers to attack the enemy’s carrier with cover and support from your fighter wing.

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