Dark Side Of Gaming has published a story today detailing what fans can expect from the latest instalment in the hugely successful FIFA series.

According to David Rutter the Main producer of FIFA 13, the game will feature 5 major improvements. This was announced at a recent London showcase. These 5 improvements being First Touch Control, Player Impact, Complete Dribble, Tactical Free-Kicks and Attacking AI.

The game will feature better and more realistic  ball control, this will be based on the players attributes along with the quality of the pass, crosses played.

The game will also feature an improved player impact engine where according to David there will be no silly and unrealistic animations. The engine has also been optimized with new impact values for the hip and upper body areas.

The offensive Artificial Intelligence has also been improved, the CPU are more intelligent when it comes to the offside rule and your CPU controlled players will be better at running and finding space for you to pass to them.

Finally you will no longer be able to just dribble the ball by changing direction and thankfully the free-kick system has had a overhaul.  Apparently up to three players can now gather around the ball and you’ll be able to apply new techniques to attacking or defending free kicks such as dummy runs and kicks.

All sounds very interesting, Dark Side Of Gaming has also collected a whole bunch of new screenshots so follow the link below to check them out.

Source: Dark Side Of Gaming

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