Team 17 have today released a new DLC pack on the PlayStation Network for their Worms: Ultimate Mayhem game. The Multi-player Pack promises to be the first of many new and crazy DLC packs for the game.

The Worms Ultimate Mayhem “Multi-player Pack” features 5  new multi-player maps for use across the numerous multi-player modes.

The Multi-player Pack also includes 6 brand new Trophies.

·         1 new Construction multi-player map – “Towering Infernal”
·         1 new Medieval multi-player map – “A Hard Day’s Knight”
·         1 new Wild West multi-player map – “End of The Line”
·         1 new Arabian multi-player map – “1001 Fights”
·         1 new Jurassic multi-player map – “Tyranno-Saw-Us”
·         6 new Trophies

The Multi-player Pack DLC is now available on the PSN for for £3.19.

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