Are you one of those avid collector’s and do you have money to burn? If the answer to both is yes then feast your eyes on these wallet draining beauties. Gearbox and 2K Games have today announced two collector’s editions for their up and coming RPG/Shooter Borderlands 2.

Firstly there is the “Borderlands 2 Deluxe Vault Hunter’s Collector’s Edition.”


Borderlands 2 Deluxe Vault Hunter’s Collector’s Edition

This edition includes:

  •       ·   Borderlands 2 Game
  •       ·   Authentic Marcus Kincaid Bobblehead
  •       ·   4 Exclusive Setickers
  •       ·   Map of Pandora
  •       ·   Comic Book Download
  •       ·   Inside the Vault: The Art of Borderlands 2 Hardbound Book
  •       ·   Plus Bonus Digital Content

This edition will set you back around $99.99.

And secondly there will be a “Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition.”

Borderlands 2 Ultimate Loot Chest Limited Edition

This edition includes:

  •       ·   Borderlands 2 Game
  •       ·   Replica Borderlands Loot Chest
  •       ·   Authentic Marcus Kincaid Bobblehead
  •       ·   Numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  •       ·   Steelbook Case
  •       ·   Creatures of Pandora Wide Format ID Chart
  •       ·   4 Lithograph Postcards
  •       ·   Field Notes from Sir Hammerlock
  •       ·   Comic Book Download
  •       ·   4 Exclusive Stickers
  •       ·   Cloth Map
  •       ·   Plus Bonus Digital Content

This rather impressive collector’s edition will set you back around $149.99 and its limited quantity so each is packed with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

So will any of you guys be tempted to splash the cash on one of these? No news as to whether these are EU bound but we’d guess that they will make over here and if not this then something very similar. Keep checking back for more.

Source: 2K Blog

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