Here is a list of games sequels that have yet to happen or will never happen; Haven 2, Pyschonauts 2, Heavenly Sword 2,Mirrors Edge 2 and Parappa The Rapper 3.

So many wasted opportunities. So why am I writing about another Naughty Bear game? No, really?

Let me take you back to the worst thing I have ever done in my gaming life. It was the summer of 2010 and I was going through a pretty rough time because my mum was in hospital for several months. My dad and I had just moved to a town nearly an hour away from my friends and because I didn’t drive it meant I was essentially isolated. Being a gamer though I would often look for a world to escape the severity of the issues my family and I were facing.

I found solace in ‘Red Dead Redemption’ I spent hours riding around the wild west on horseback looking for new things to do. I never played as a villain so finding criminals to hog-tie and take to their deaths seemed fun. I would take in the breathtaking vistas and experience everything first hand. (I had never seen a western Movie at that point, unless you count Back To The Future 3).

So after many hours with Mr Marston and that really amazing ending, I decided to find everything I could, I didn’t want to miss anything. My 100% trophy is one of my most prized I can assure you.

Anyway, thankfully my mum pulls through and things get better. I am no longer sticking my head in the virtual sandbox and my time with Red Dead Redemption came to a close.

For sometime I had been following Naughty Bear. I was excited at the idea of the property, it was a unique idea that appealed greatly to me. Let’s just say I have an eclectic taste in games, when Naughty Bear finally came out I rushed to the closest store that sold it and traded my copy of Red Dead in. I was finished with work because I was due to start University and didn’t have the available income to buy it with actual money.

Now for anyone that has played the original Naughty Bear, I am sorry to announce that there is a sequel coming, If you feel I am being too harsh please enjoy Naughty Bear with it’s one level and boring game play,  It is called ‘Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise and will be available from the PlayStation Store.

There is some info but the fact that this title even exists is a bad thing. This could have been a joint venture between 505 and Tim Schaefer and we could have had ‘Pyschonauts 2’, but No 505 thought Naughty Bear was popular or possibly a scary thought, they though it was actually good. . .

So feel free to stop reading past this point I know I will.

Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise takes everything you loved about the first game and brings a whole new level of naughtiness Thanks to a completely over-hauled combat system, brand new levelling up system, equipment customisation with thousands of combinations and over 30 mission set across 11 distinct areas of Paradise Island there really is a whole new world for players to explore and unleash their inner-naughty in as many ways as they can imagine.

“Naughty Bear really struck a chord with gamers looking for something more than the same old gameplay,” said David Osborne, Executive Creative Director at Behaviour Interactive, “With Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise, we’re turning the naughty dial all the way up to 11!”

At least they have added 10 more stages this time. Who knows this might work out. Maybe I should give it a chance. Then again there are better uses for my money like buying second hand underwear.

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