24 Caret Games has announced that the crazy Retro/Grade PSN title will be available from August 21st 2012.

Speaking to the US PS Blog, Matt Gilgenbach, Co-founder, 24 Caret Games said:

“For those who aren’t familiar with Retro/Grade, it’s similar to a classic Shoot ‘Em Up… in reverse! At the beginning of the game you stop a massive alien invasion, but all the destruction damages the space/time continuum, causing the flow of time itself to reverse. What would have been the final boss is actually the beginning of your backwards journey.”

“Since time is reversed, you must undo your actions to protect the health of the space/time continuum by unfiring your shots, which are timed to the beat of the game’s music. In addition, you must dodge enemy projectiles returning to the guns that fired them.”

It was also announced that the soundtrack will also be available to purchase around the same time as the games release. A discounted bundle will include the game and the soundtrack together.

No news on whether the EU PSN will receive the game but we’d guess it will and probably not long after the US release. We will as always keep you posted.

The latest trailer is below:

Source: US PS Blog

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