Ah yes, SONY, the reason we’re all here. Playstation, you may hold your head up high knowing you are the best series of consoles ever.

Admittedly the Gamecube only had one iteration, but still.

What did SCE bring to the table in terms of disappointment, low quality sequels, and broken demos?
LittleBigPlanet – Vita bundle, cross controller gameplay – So yeah, Little Big Planet gets some new stuff revealed for its Vita launch, all looks… very much like Little Big Planet, can’t fault it there. And Little Big Planet 2 lets you play on the PS3, with your PS Vita.


I mean, the idea is nice, and the promise of some incredibly fun multiplayer levels integrating this could be interesting… but… is this just something to say “Hey Nintendo, we can, and WILL copy everything you do”

More like Over-using-this-IP…asaurus?

Tearaway – Media Molecule go ahead and bring out a fully 3D Little Big Planet game.

Ok, that’s a bit harsh, some of the characters are still 2D papercraft.

Ok, fine, Tearaway looks neat. But that’s it. It doesn’t necessarily look fun at all. And again, being on the Vita I don’t see how it could be entertaining and not completely embarrassing on a bus.

I look forward to its release, but not for the sake I want it, I really don’t, but for the sake of the people who have stuck with the Vita this long, hoping for something worthwhile. Thus far, the only game I have enjoyed on it is Reality Fighters , and that in itself stopped being fun once I realised, I would much rather be playing this on the PS3.

You will literally be tearing away your trousers in frustration at this game… maybe… probably… who knows, it might turn out to be great.

Killzone Mercenary –  Ok, look I understand the hype on this, but like Killzone 2 and 3, the hype will be completely unjustified because the games will lack any soul what so ever.

I admit, I haven’t played Killzone 3. But when you destroy a franchise that had 2 of my absolute favourite games for their respective consoles (being Killzone 1 and Liberation) in one foul sweep with the abysmal Killzone 2, I see no reason to purchase another game in your series unless it really impresses me.

And frankly, a Vita game, will need to boast a hell of a lot of awesome fun features to get me excited. This, this didn’t. Maybe if more than half of the trailer wasn’t live action nonsense then maybe.

Practically my expression at the announcement.

CoD Blops Declassified – … I’m not even going to bother.

I have no idea what this specific Call of Duty game looks like, so make do with this.

Playstation Mobile – Whilst I would say, please see above for full details on this matter. I know nothing at all about it to really comment. Something about android devices playing cheap wannabe Playstation games that got turned down at the Minis office?

Not for me.


Plus – Ok, we get it, you’re trying to push Plus even more. But for the last time, I don’t want blu-ray games on Plus. I have already bought them on disc, funnily enough, and don’t want to spend 5 days downloading 15 GBs of tripe to my PS3.

Oh, but now we get Red Dead Redemption? Another game I own, and think is nowhere near as good as everyone believes.

25% off for people at some point, for something or other and 1GB of space now on the cloud.

Oh… let me repeat that. 1 GB of storage for my game saves. Thankyou, something, I can actually be pleased about. I know it may sound sarcastic, but that’s how I am, so that’s how it sounds, but no, really, I like this, I like this a lot.

I just don’t see why it deserves a spot in a conference.

Hey, you better ‘stand’ clear of this one pftpftpft

Until Dawn – Is this the Moves answer to Rise Of Nightmares?

I dislike Move. Ok? However, sometimes it works, it’s just I don’t have the space for it.  But, this, genuinely looks rather tempting. It’s sexy, scary and looks like it uses some pretty nifty graphics and lighting to its full potential.

I shall keep this in my sights, and hope it actually turns out to be a game worth purchasing Move for, as thus far, only Resistance 3 has done so.

Nothing to say. Genuinly… looking forward to this.

Japan Studio – Japan Studio keep things Japanese with two strangely different games.

Rain, a PSN game, about some kid, who is only visible in rain… and … I think.. you run and jump a bit? There really wasn’t much to go on here.

And Puppeteer is a pretty kooky 2.5D platformer centered  around another boy, this time in a theatre play stage thing, with some scissors involved, and what looks like it could be some pretty epic boss battles and some… I don’t know, I think everyone who created Stacking, took some acid, then hung out with the guys at Media Molecule.

Still, both look interesting, and I’m more eagerly anticipating just what price point Puppeteer will be going at, over almost everything else.

Hey this game looks to be a real “Dampener” eh? … Oh… I’ve already used that? How about… don’t want to ‘rain’ on your parade, but… … ah I’ve got nothing, it looks like it could be fun… for a ‘rainy’ day.

Wonderbook – Ah well, what did you expect.

The second this came up at E3, a very large portion of the Playstation fanbase groaned.

I’ll agree, the tech looks good, BBC and Disney teaming up should prove to be a real boost in terms of what it can deliver, and having a bookworm as its unofficial mascot, clever.

However, I don’t have kids, this is not for me. I’m not going to shoot it down because I think it’s rubbish, because I don’t. I just have seen so far, it take up way to much space in conferences that could be better catered for showing off some crazy 18+ shooting action.

This is the face all your friends would pull if at school you said “Hey, want to stay over tonight, I have Wonderbook”

PS All Stars – I… … I was honestly expecting more than just a quick 30 seconds and 4 character reveals in the Vita section of the conference.

However, Sackboy and Ratchet weren’t exactly big reveals, but still, good characters none-the-less. Spike looks funky, and a great blast from the past. And what everyone feared, the new Dante.

We can only hope the alternate costumes unlock original Dante, or he’s going to be left on the side-lines when I play, and when a good majority of others play by the looks of things.

Get hype!

Other ‘reveals’ – There were plenty of other reveals along the way, The Last Of Us had a section, where they showed us clips from the same demo at E3.

Cross buy looks pretty hype… but… we already had it for Motorstorm RC… so… not really “woah” But I certainly hope many other developers get on board.

PS3 Essentials launches… giving us…another option other than the Platinum collection to buy games? Or… something

You can now play PS1 games on your Vita… or will be soon, I didn’t take much notice of this bit, and I’m not sure why anyone else would.

And… maybe… something else that I have probably forgotten because it wasn’t the most entertaining hour of my life but hey yo, it was free.

Oh, pfft, how could I forget. Fifa 13 gets Move support, oh yey I canhardlywaitforthisgoingtobesogoodImightjustkillmyselfnow

Yes, I have man crush on Joel. He really blows me away… like this guy, ‘cuz shot in the face.

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