bioshock infinite logoSony and 2K Games have teamed up and announced some pre-order bonuses for gamers who pre-order BioShock Infinite through the PSN.

Firstly it was revealed that everyone who pre-orders BioShock Infinite through the PlayStation Store will automatically be given the first BioShock as a free gift on delivery of BioShock Infinite.

Sony then went on to say what bonuses PlayStation Plus can expect along with the one above:

PlayStation Plus members will receive 10% off the Season Pass price from today until the launch of BioShock Infinite on 26th March and from launch day, PlayStation Plus members who pre order BioShock Infinite will get the following in game pre-order incentives:

  • Custom Shotgun
  • Custom Sniper
  • 3x Tonics
  • Additional in-game money for free for one week after launch

These pre-order bonuses will go live once the store has updated later today.

Source: EU PS Blog

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