The long standing rivalry between PES and FIFA is set to take another interesting turn tomorrow with both games debuting gameplay footage of upcoming current gen titles PES 2014 and FIFA 14.

Konami are due to hold their annual Pre-E3 conference tomorrow and we have been told their conference will contain some insights from series Producer Kei Masuda about PES 2014, as well as a brand new gameplay trailer.

To combat this, EA today announced that they will also show the first in game footage of FIFA 14 with a gameplay trailer being streamed on their YouTube channel tomorrow.

With E3 itself only days away, the battle between these two titles will be the closest in years, with EA tweaking their existing successful impact engine and PES introducing a brand new engine for the first time in too long.

We’ll be at E3 to give you hands on impressions from both these titles, its all about to kick off!

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