Following on from yesterdays Games To Look Out For #1 we have 5 more games that should catch your attention as much as they have ours after the launch of the PS4.


Daylight is another one of those pesky survival horror games we have all come to love to hate as of recently. But with a new console, comes the prospect of survival horror games meaning something. Daylight looks like another of those types of games, developed by Zombie Studios whose hit and miss record recently with the Blacklight and Saw series under their belt, you’d be right to be a little hesitant about it, as well as being published by mass publisher Atlus who have recently brought us hits like Catherine and Persona 4 Arena.

Being developed on the Unreal Engine 4, expect it to be visually stunning… once loaded and dark, as your only light source is your cell phone… which coincidentally becomes your only item in the game. Featuring procedurally generated levels, you’re given almost infinite levels to play through… just how these will be generated to make the gameplay, actually varied and not just the corridors is yet to be seen, however, it certainly promises lots of running into dead ends… leaving you with that fear of turning round or just continue facing the wall and take your ultimate demise and turn the of the console.

The psychological thriller shows off just why you should always play games in the dark:*

Expect it on PS4 in early 2014.

*Don’t play games in the dark kids.

Carmageddon: Reincarnation

Spellcheckers everywhere, Carmageddon Reincarnation is the latest title to feature in the Carmageddon series. I am overwhelmed with excitement of this game, being a huge fan of the original on the PS1 in 1999, and this reboot of the series through Kickstarter looks very promising. After obtaining the rights from Square Enix original UK based developers Stainless Games have been busy making Magic The Gathering more accessible over the past few years with Duels Of The Planeswalkers, but have been hard at work on Reincarnation

Boasting some of the best vehicular combat seen since Twisted Metal World Tour, and a host of new and old features, vehicles, environments and pedestrians to slaughter, the gruesome fun of Death Race 2000 is certainly looking sharp. For those new to the carnage, in Carmageddon you drive around in a post apocalyptic death machine hunting down old ladies, cows and old ladies on cows to score points, whilst facing off against people (and I use the term loosely) going for the same bloody glory you desire.

Whether or not it will live up to its predecessor is another matter entirely, and with pre-alpha footage the only official stuff out there (still showing lots of promise) there is still a while to go.


Hoping to be released for PS4 sometime in 2014

Octodad: Deadliest Catch

From one Kickstarter to another, involving another one of my favourite past games updated; Octodad.

Octodad was a game developed by university students and released for free back in 2010 before they formed Young Horses their studio now developing the ‘sequel’. In Octodad you control a humanoid Octopus…or more so his tentacles and attempt to get him through the day with all the hilarity being a bipedal Octopus. With a loose plot, and even looser controls the game is mainly set to improve greatly on the graphics side of things. What made the original so fun was being able to tell your friends the crazy things you got up to, and with the PS4s sharing options, it makes Octodad ideal for the console.

This gameplay preview will show you what can’t be explained:

Looking to be released in 2014 on the PS4

Whore Of The Orient

Whore of the Orient is an action / adventure game most possibly being developed by the creative, yet strangely attracted to hilariously mo-capped faces team at Team Bondi responsible for L.A Noire. What with the game going through multiple states of production and Team Bondi being bought by KMM (the company behind Happy Feet) it’s an uncertain game, but recent leaks of gameplay and investments have put it back into play.

The game is the brainchild of Brendan McNamara, the guy behind the PS2 classic The Getaway, and is based in old-timey Shanghai filled with mob crime. Caught in between political movements to suppress communism and police forces keeping the peace, placing you in-between all the corruption with only your face movements to escape.

It looks like it could be a sleeper hit, but only if it does ever get produced, whilst I wasn’t the biggest fan of L.A Noire, it certainly opened up a whole new branch of video games, and this has the potential to be a brilliant story experience.

You can see the early gameplay footage below:

If the game keeps on with development, it looks set for release on PS4 in 2015

Dying Light

Coming from the biggest fan of Dead Island there is, Dying Light looks like the best game ever. That should be enough to convince you I believe.

However, there is more to Dying Light than just being another zombie themed game from Techland that involves modifying weaponry. Whilst not being published by Deep Silver this time, we can’t expect awesome editions to be released, but we can expect a bigger budget with the help of Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment. Techland are still going all out in a bid to create an extremely fun, whilst keeping intense zombie horror at the fore front.

Only now with Dying Light now features free running, and a much more urban themed environment and the new Chrome Engine 6 to power all the beautiful lighting and ragdoll physics we have come to cherish with Techland. Dying Light will have you scouring the streets during the day for supplies and crafting areas, but during the night as they put it “the hunter becomes the hunted”, and you get to use Joel style sense of hearing to find out where the living dead are hiding before making your Faith inspired escape across rooftops. Again you’ll be able to choose between four characters, with some brutal melee and ranged combat thrown in for good measure.

Dying Light is easily my personal most anticipated game for PS4… full stop, here’s a 12 minute gameplay walkthrough which gives you an idea on what to expect from the open world thriller:

Expecting to release for PS4 in 2014

Overall, 10 games that we believe should keep you entertained for a while once you’ve gotten DriveClub and Killzone out of your systems. Overall, the PS4 is shaping up to have some awesome games lined up… even if half of them are survival horror games, I know I’m not complaining.

At least we’ll have Fez right?


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