Ubisoft has released the brand new “Pirate Heist” trailer, featuring Ireland’s own Anne Bonny, and has confirmed release dates for all platforms.

The trailer elaborates on the game’s time setting, the Golden Era of Piracy in the Caribbean Sea, by showing Edward Kenway  and other notable pirates as they prepare to undergo a major heist. They are plotting to raid an imperial ship and steal all the gold. However, it is not an easy operation as the various world military organizations plan to take out all the pirates.


The trailer shows Calico Jack, Charles Vane, Blackbeard, Anne Bonny (A famous Irish Pirate), and many others. It seems that  Anne Bonny might be the romantic interest to Edward. Near the end, it shows Edward’s special pirate flag which is a black flag with the white skull and the Assassin’s Order symbol.

ann bonny

The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions will be available on November 1st. Versions for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC and Wii U will be available on November 22nd.

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