50 Best PS3 Special/Collector/Limited/Royal/Extreme/Over-priced/Mega Hype Editions – Part 1

The PlayStation 4 is looming across Europe after being a hit in the US, casting its massive shadow over everything from the generation before it… the one thing we have left to hold onto until the 8th generation gets into the kick of things, is all our lovely special editions of our beloved games and all the useless junk we love to hoard that comes bundled with them. I have spent a pretty penny on an absolute plethora of games… games I’d never purchase on their own. But in a bid to stack plastic copies of video game characters on shelves, and fill spaces between novels with artbooks I have ended up with less female contact than I had before.

So here’s a list of 50 of my favourite, totally obtainable editions of PS3 video games. (Purchasable through retail, so no press-kits, competition wins or developer website games here)… maybe. (oversights are possible) … (as are lots of brackets)

Part 1 will cover 25 of the editions that I love… and part 2 will cover the next 25… for the exact same reason.  They are in no particular order… And with that let’s jump straight into cheap packaging capable of suffocating the population of Wales.

Resistance 3: Survivor Edition

We’ll start with an obvious choice. Resistance is easily the best overall series on PS3, and it whilst it may not have gotten the sales it deserved, the survivor edition of Insomniacs final foray into it certainly picked up a few quid from my pockets.

The special edition of the game was already gorgeous, the steelbook and vinyl record game disc was beautiful, add to that a functional and stylish canvas satchel and hip flask… a slightly less functional journal and range target and you’ve got a nice little package. However, the playing cards and especially a little pack of toy soldiers in the Resistance universe really sold it to me, when a game has gone out of its way to make me feel like part of its own meticulously crafted world, having these material possessions to adorn my imagination with was awesome



Killzone 3: Helghast Edition

Following on from that we have the third in Killzone series. Guerrilla Games certainly not only know how to make a popular franchise, but how to package together a super awesome edition.

Whilst lower on themed content and general awesome loot to acquire… the storage for the game in the Helghan helmet was not only a nice touch, but extremely well made all things considered. I’m a huge fan of artbooks as well and the Killzone 3 one was well put together. The figure I wasn’t too keen on. I’m not a ‘huge’ fan of Killzone games after the original, and as such I’m not too hyped about a half-cloak / half-painted sniper… but it’s still well made. I can always keep it hidden by the gorgeous helmet anyway.



Uncharted 3: Explorer Edition

To finish off the trilogy in threequels I hereby give you Uncharted 3, the explorer edition. There was f course the collectors edition… but I felt the collectors box this was in was better suited to my collection, plus the special edition case for the game, whilst slightly underwhelming certainly was fetching. Plus who can say no to Drakes belt buckle and ring, both of which were surprisingly sexy.

The statue was also met with open arms… whilst it didn’t quite capture how much I’d love to bed Nathans hair, it still acts as a beautiful centre piece.



Hitman Absolution

It’s not only our first party developers that can give out very nice editions of games. Squeenix gave me one of my biggest surprises in recent collections. I’m not too fussed on the digital content in games… that might be partly due to me never actually playing them, but we’ll sip over that and admire the statue of Agent 47.

It’s big, it’s goofy, it is absolutely beautiful. The artbook again is worthy of a place on my shelf, and a nice touch with a making of DVD.



Duke Nukem Forever: Balls Of Steel Edition

I’m aware reception of the latest foray into Duke Nukem wasn’t the best… but for the price of the Balls Of Steel edition I couldn’t resist.

The comic is a bit ‘meh’ overall, I’ll never use the sticker, the certificate of authenticity is good for a mouse mat… This edition isn’t about having useful items (what is), hence the two poker chips, and only two dice and some post cards, but the fact that all of these things, in their own right are still really nice, and add that touch of personality and unique-ness to the game and it’s universe. I like how weighty the chips and dice are, and the stories the post cards tell. But again, the selling point was the deck of cards, the meaty artbook and the albeit small, but authentic looking bust.



Two Worlds 2: Royal Edition

From one less than better received game that I enjoyed, to another. Two Worlds 2 is more like a guilty pleasure of mine, and helped on by the glorious royal edition of it. The box was a bit of a pain to open, but once I had torn the packaging, and a few finger nails off, the treasures inside were worthy of the money and suffering.

The statue is amazingly as detailed as the grayficz in the game… but my adoration for this edition isn’t the figure, it’s the rest of it I love. Another wonderfully made set of playing cards, and a very royal styled artbook, complete with its own annoying tail my cats keep finding. A genuine bonus disc of goodies, and a funky little map. But the win over for me was the mousepad. I adore the idea of shoving random goodies from a PC specific press event into a dirty console gamers special edition.

two worlds 2


Aliens Colonial Marines: Collectors Edition

I thought seeing as we’re on a downhill slope in terms of the video games, I might as well get this one out of the way now. The game was … … just… horrendous, I’ll put that out there, and considering all the effort they… apparently made to make it a game for the fans, I was at least happy they got the collectors edition of it correct.

Lots of shiny documents … 6 in all that adorn the bottom of the hive box (which is in itself a beautiful piece of storage) all of which have their own style and take on the Aliens universe. Some in-game content which again speaks directly to fans of the franchise, and a great whopping power loader figure with some dodgy facial features to remind you that the game is disgusting.



Bioshock 2: Special Edition

I enjoyed Bioshock 2, I’ll even go as far to say as I thought the multiplayer was immensely good fun, at which point I plug another article about it here.

But this special edition was so well put together I had to include it. The feel of every thing from the box to the dust now resting behind the posters was so authentic I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. The vinyl record is an awesome touch, and I respect every decision to get that in this edition… Then the mahoosive artbook… whilst it’s not quite on terms with Age Of Empires 3 … it’s still a meaty hunk of sketches and scribbles that I still use as a dumbbell.



Risen 2 Dark Waters: Steelbeards Treasure Edition / Keg Edition / Collectors Edition

Risen 2 is another game I’m sorry to say I have a embarrassed love for. But, Deep Silver being Deep Silver had to package it with all sorts of funky doo-hickeys for me to scour the internet for. As these editions all included the collectors edition, plus some extras in their own specific box I’ve decided to keep them all as one.

The collectors edition itself is a wonderful piece of work. The necklace whilst slightly cheap is still admirable, as is the pirate flag, it does come with a nice collection of extra DVDs and such, plus one of my favourite ever art … … … items. A bunch of artwork on some wonderful fibre in a little satchel really brightens up the idea of artbooks, and it’s something I’d love to see again.

On top of this in the Keg and Steelbeards Treasure editions from Poland and Germany. You’ll find a striking little gnome figure, and atop of that spread between the two a bone pin or map of the world. A game guide will greet you in Steelbeards Treasure as well. With the exception of the Jaffar statue, the only real reason you’d spent the extra time and money is for the absolutely gnarly over the top keg you get with the keg edition. … strangely enough.



GTA 4: Special Edition

GTA 4 was such a hit and miss game, and with GTA 5 being out it’s slightly overshadowed now. But the special edition of GTA 4 was a metric …lots-tonne better than the offering from GTA 5.

The artbook again was pleasurable in all the right ways. Plus a rocking soundtrack. But the major bonus here was the lock box which was again a lot better than I thought it would be, and the bag which will always come in handy. There wasn’t much on offer here, but the quality was and items you got in terms of their investment with the series… was… just swell.



Fallout 3: Survival Edition

I think we all knew this was coming. The vault-tec lunch box has become so synonymous amongst the gaming community as has Fallout 3 itself, and both the game and its physical attributes hold a significant place in vidya gaemz history.

The vault boy bobblehead likewise is such a major feature in the game, for fans of the game to have their very own was a perfect move for these editions… but what made the survival edition that little bit special? Other than including the aforementioned and the making of DVD and again, really attractive artbook? Possibly the rootin’ tootin’ Pip-Boy 3000 clock you get with it. This behemoth of an addition really brought the Fallout universe alive.



Resident Evil 5: Collectors Edition:

Resident Evil along with many of its contemporaries in the survival horror genre is spiralling downhill quicker than an amputee at the Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling. It doesn’t mean it can’t keep its head above the water with Resident Evil 5’s collectors edition offering.

A bag in a similar vein to the Resistance 3 messenger bag, and just as nifty. A groovy little necklace of Africa and a BSAA patch. Another item I find uniquely enticing in video games. Whilst there was a Chris Redfield statue on offer, it takes pride alongside the Alma statue from F.3.A.R behind the rest so you can’t actually make out any of the details or features. (not that you could if you wanted to up close)

resi 5

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Prestige Edition

There’s no denying the Call Of Duty series causes controversy for almost every aspect of it… including the ultimate editions they have been offering for the latest few incarnations.

And Modern Warfare 2’s prestige edition certainly had the WOW factor. Throwing a delightful artbook and a MW2 head stand along with the game was quite fancy of them… to also add the night-vision goggles, which by no means are perfect… but are more than acceptable and not only look the part and work rather well, but add that sense of fan fun back into the community.



Aliens VS Predator: Hunters Edition

You get a facehugger. Next.


HAZE: Exclusive Super Gnarlez Barkley BroDude Edition

Just baby-goating you.

AvP is an odd series of… everything spawned from two odd series of everythings. But we all love it regardless of its obvious flaws.

So despite the fact the game was just… OK. The fact that you got a face-hugger with it was a dream come true. The fact it was a little small, was prone to breaking and wasn’t actually fully articulated is just a slight misdemeanour for SEGA. Considering some of the things in the series they have completely butchered.

Another genial little patch and a lenticular postcard becoming all the rage is certainly not sniffed at. And to top it all off, a genuine graphic novel, as opposed to 3 pages on toilet paper we’re so used to out of special editions.



God Of War 3: Ultimate Trilogy Edition

I’m not a huge fan of the God Of War series, and I apologise. I’m also against HD remakes… and digital content… so I’m not entirely sure why this is here?

Is it because you DO get some awesome art postcards… and an astonishingly gorgeous artbook to complement them, some epic soundtracks, and a big beefy case which looks metal as Narnia wherever you put it? Possibly.



Defiance: Collectors Edition / Defiance: Ultimate Edition

No, I have no idea what Defiance is either.

I also have no idea what they were trying to achieve with the game TV mix, except a less than amazing show… and a less than barely functional game.

But, I cannot express enough delight over the Ultimate edition (and collectors edition). If I had this list in any sort of order, this would be near the top. As it is though, this edition comes with a season pass and extra digital content… woot… but the physical stuff… ooh tasty. The postcards are of low quality I’ll admit, the contract is a really nice corporeal feature from that game and the bag in the ultimate edition is absolutely fantastic, and sports itself as my current carry case. The fact it also comes with one of my favourite art books, a soundtrack cd, a statue which is of very high quality and the best collectors box I have ever, ever owned. It really makes me sad this hasn’t done anything wonderful for the company.

…Then I remember loading the game up that one time again…



Fallout New Vegas: Collectors Edition

Whilst nowhere near as good as a game, or a special edition as its predecessor, Fallout New Vegas still comes with a really nice package.

More wonderfully made playing cards that I can keep unopened in their stash, along with the charming poker chip(s). The making of speaks wonders… and a fantabadosey graphic novel. It really was a killer blow to maybe not having this on the list.

fallout new vegas


Assassins Creed IV Black Flag: Buccaneer Edition

I’m not sure which iteration of this hideous series this is… but I can’t deny since they have become a regular occurrence throughout this generation… or ‘that’ generation I guess now, Ubisoft have really gone all out to entice people who would normally have no want for their games.

And the latest offering with the Buccaneer Edition really does offer a tasty amount of physical extras. The figurine is of the same top quality that we’re all used to with the Assassins Creed series.  Plus the standard lithograph/artbook/cd combo we have come to expect. Whilst there has been no boat pushing the boat out in terms of unique items (like we can see from many Japanese super creepy editions). There is still a high quality load of stuff to clutter nooks and/or crannies with.

asscreed IV


Assassins Creed Brotherhood: Collectors Edition

You remember how I talked about how in the Assassins Creed games their special editions are much like the games themselves… all very nice to look at, but don’t really offer anything new or fun? … well I lied, as the Brotherhood collectors edition granted us a peachy map of Rome, a artbook I can’t complain about… plus a jack-in-the-box.

Yes, and not some kiddy toy, a rather frightening, respectfully sized and precious jack-in-the-box. It’s one of my favourite ‘free stuff from a premium prices package’ I have ever taken.



Gran Turismo 5: Signature Edition

If you wanted Gran Turismo 5… (I don’t know why you’d ever want it) then there was a mad plethora of options available to you. But far and above my favourite was the signature edition

The case it came in alone, as the first thing you set your eyes on was inviting. And upon opening it you were granted with a USB Key, a super-duper leather wallet, a key fob, a strategy guide, a coffee table book, which is code for… a book? A brrm brrm car of your own… and a toy of said car. Yup, you had the chance to get your own Mercedes.

Whilst Codemasters may have beaten off the competition this had for winning a car in a game with their GRID 2 Bac Mono edition, GT5 had a better all round package. (If a worse game inside).



Infamous 2: Hero Edition

Infamous, another series I’m yet to appreciate fully, but regardless of that fact Infamous 2 gave us the Hero Edition.

Whilst there wasn’t much on offer. Another mini-comic headed our way with another fancy statue. (Might not want to look at it up close though). But again, the selling point was the bag. I have yet to come across a bag which was just for show. And this one was just as functional and just as crackerjack as the rest of them.



Deus Ex Human Revolution: Collectors Edition

Was Deus Ex as good as it’s original counterpart… no. Was it still a fun game… yes. Did it also come with a delectable box of extras… of course.

The art book, whilst not the best by any stretch of the imagination was still laudable. Along with that came the extras inside the case like the motion comic and making of. But for once the figure was the best part of the contents. It for once replicated the character in the game and you could articulate it into dodgy positions with other figures, for maximum lonely fun times.



Driver San Francisco: Collectors Edition

Driver San Francisco was so disappointing. It could have been great, it could have been as great as the collectors editions contents.

…Well the contents weren’t exactly the second coming. But they were substantial enough to get them on this list. To start, there was a nice load of digital content, and a comic book… of sorts. The map was well received, but I like many others purchased for the Dodge Charger reminiscent of everything Driver has been about. And it was a commendable effort on their part to re-create it for this edition.



LittleBigPlanet 2: Collectors Edition

I’ll finish off this first foray into the health hazard of Chinese manufactured junk with LittleBigPlanet 2.

This is of course the US collectors edition, complete with an adorable Sackboy plushie which holds up rather well, and some delightful bookends. There may not be much included, but as both items were of such a good quality, and speak for the game on the physical levels, I had to have a nod towards it.


So there we have it… 23-27 editions of games depending on how you look at it. Expect another random number between 0 and 50 tomorrow that show that the video game is only 50% of the fun sometimes, and 50% of the cost.


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