Sony has unveiled a 1TB PlayStation 4 that will be hitting selected European / PAL markets on 15th July. “The Ultimate Player Edition” as the latest edition of the PS4 is being called has double the data storage of the existing PS4 model. As for difference with hardware or size. there is no confirmation on that front just yet. There were some leaked documents recently that indicated two new PS4 models in the works, one of which has a 1TB hard drive that had slight hardware modification such as a smaller PSU and sligthly lighter total weight. In terms of pricing, Sony has not given a price and instead is telling consumers to check with their local retailers.

If you’re yet to buy a PS4, now would be a good time. There’s so many models to choose from, but personally I’d go with the new Batman: Arkham Knight model, or wait for the Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain edition.

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