We’ve been in love with Rocket League since the beta and were over the moon to see that it was one of the PlayStation Plus games of the month. If you haven’t already ¬†downloaded it, go do that now, you mad man! It’s a simple concept; playing football with rocket cars, and provides insane amounts of entertainment. So far, the PlayStation community seems to be as happy as we are with the gameplay, although the initial launch has not been without a few hiccups.

Since the game is free this month for PlayStation Plus members (seriously, go download it) I imagine the player base is slightly larger that developer Pysonix was expecting. As such, the servers took a good hammering over the past week and have seen frequent downtime / slow response times. For the first few days it was particularly difficult to get an online game. As of now, the servers have received a good upgrade and everything seems to be running a lot smoother. There are still several outstanding bugs, such as the game displaying that there are 0 players online, or that you’re not connected to the servers, but those are lies and you should still be able to find a game if you search.

So go forth, and rocket to your hearts content.

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