This week Sony announcedĀ that they will be giving players theĀ option to give their consoles a makeover. Next month PS4 owners will be able to purchase new, colourful HDD bay covers. This is great for those looking to give their systems a fresh look or to simply replace the easily marked standard cover.Faceplates

The process of installing the new HDD cover is effortless and no tools are needed. Simply slide the old cover off and click the new one into place. The covers will be available in six colours although Ireland and the UK wont have access to all of them. The new covers will be available in Red, Glacier white, Aqua Blue, Neon Orange, Gold and Silver.

The first four colours will be available from November 18th with Gold and Silver coming at a later date but Gold and Silver wont be available for Ireland or the UK. Scandinavia will also be missing out as the Neon Orange cover wont be available for them.

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