Sony has filed three patents for a glove controller that is intended to work with the upcoming PlayStation VR. The trademark shows off a glove with a flex sensor on the joints to record finger movement, a pressure sensor to track if the user is touching a surface, and a module that relays said feedback back into the VR experience.maincosrz

In the documents for the glove controller we get to see some diagrams attempting to explain how the controller could work. It seems that the glove will be able to read precise movements due to the flex sensors. Combine the flex sensors with the PlayStation Camera and we could be looking at incredibly accurate and responsive controls. The glove can detect when you pick something up, throw it and even squeeze due to its pressure sensors. If this does come to be then the PlayStation will have the definitive VR experience above the rest.


Sony’s wearable controller would make their VR hardware standout among the competition as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive both use physical controllers which wouldn’t be as immersive as a wearable glove. If the glove doesn’t work out Sony always has the PlayStation Move as a backup controller. Hopefully the price is better than Vive as it was recently announced that the VR headset will sell for €899!

HTC Vive (left), Oculus Rift (right).

HTC Vive (left), Oculus Rift (right).

As of right now we know that sony filled for these in 2014 and patents take time to come through. This means that the glove controller could have been simply an idea that Sony wanted to trademark and have since scrapped the idea or expanded upon it. There’s no way to be sure right now but with the PlayStation VR set to release later this year we wont have to wait long for a reveal.

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