Review Policy

Review Policy

Our reviews here at we take seriously. We make sure, when making decisions on games to determine if a game is worth your hard-earned cash. Reviews are when we help you make a decision, if its right for you. Not only that we take you deep into the game, as to what the writer believes, it could improve, or take away.

We also leave comments section open, allowing members of the public to discuss if the game is worth it, and if they agree or disagree. The reviews are also automatically posted on the Forums, for a more in-depth discussion, allowing users to post up their own reviews of the game.

We don’t cover a score scale, of a game, as we believe that should be decided by the reader/viewer.

Our targets, is to help those find a game, that might suite them. As well as to make a good purchase, and to not waste cash. But we want to allow to encourage in depth and continuous discussions, for all games, on our Forums, or in the comment section on our Blog posts

Last updated: 23rd February 2011