Another Glorious week equals another glorious update for Playstation Home. This time round its a big one and by big i mean in the form of a new client update that will focus on the development needs of Home and help further progress games within the platform a quick note of what 1.5 does can be found below

  • Real-time Multiplayer: Improved networking allows fast-action online multiplayer games to be created, such as first-person shooters and online racing games.
  • Physics: Developers now have improved access to the core elements of the Havok physics engine, resulting in more sophisticated and realistic gameplay.
  • Animation & Graphics: More control over animation and graphic settings means developers can create better looking games than ever before.

For your first taste of what 1.50 offers, head to the Audi Hub for a free apartment where you can play a new multiplayer game: the Audi S1 Sledge Multiplayer Game.

Also This Week from our friends over at Lockwood is Blaster’s Paradise A new private apartment space within home for all those sodium fanactics out there is is on surely to please as i have already seen around it. Anyways be sure to check Lockwood’s update out.

“Sodium’s robot tanks have invaded Home Square this week. Head straight over to play the TankTop 1.0 demo and quell the robotic uprising. Defeat waves of enemies with an array of explosive weaponry. If this whets your appetite, then you can grab hold of TankTop 1.0 as part of Sodium’s brand new Blaster’s Paradise personal space – available from the Lockwood Store.”

More information on Blasters paradise can be found here


Also From lockwood this week is some quite snazzy furniture from their cucumber Line of items.

These are a mixture of tables, storage and seats but are sure to delight even the least curious of home users :P



So BUY BUY BUY and decorate your new blaster’s Paradise apartment the way only you can

Meanwhile, nDreams has details of an exciting trans-Atlantic competition:

“From 17th April to 1st May, nDreams will be running ‘Battle of the Atlantic’ – a competition that pits the mighty behemoth of North America against the powerful colossus of Europe. Which territory has the best PlayStation Home gamers?

We will also be looking at smaller skirmishes over the two weeks. Are Canadian gamers better than those in the USA? Which countries around the world will come out on top? All this, and more, will be revealed over the two week period.

So how will it work? Every day from 17th April to 1st May, we’ll take the average from the top 50% of Orb Runner and Aurora Defence scores from each territory. Every day, the running total will increase as we add the scores from the previous day. Because we’re taking the average, no country or territory will be penalised for having smaller numbers of players.

We’ll keep running totals on both the Aurora ticker and on a special website, – the website will be updated every 5 minutes throughout the 2 weeks.”


Elsewhere in home it’s Socom fever with a selection of shirts and posters did i mention the word Free and a paid for bomb techinicians outfit so make sure to check these beauties out

So there we go another week has went by with a delivery of fresh new content keep your eyes peeled here for any more developments on playstation Home



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