Iron Fists at the ready folks, because PlayStation is about to receive a whole load of Tekken lovin’ thanks to the team at Namco Bandai Games. The Tekken games has always had a special relationship with the PlayStation brand and now you can see where it all began, as the very first Tekken game has just been added to the PlayStation Store. Originally released for the PlayStation back in 1995, this classic fighter is now a mere £3.99 and playable on PS3 or PSP.

If you prefer a more modern twist to your fighting game, the folks at Capcom have you covered thanks to their upcoming franchise mash-up Street Fighter X Tekken. This Capcom developed title, brings the characters of Tekken, into the world of Street Fighter, using an updated version of the SFIV engine. Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono, took to the stage at the Sony E3 Conference to reveal a PlayStation Vita version of the Street Fighter X Tekken, he also announced that it will feature an exclusive ‘Only on PlayStation’ playable fighter, in the guise of inFAMOUS hero/villian Cole MacGrath. Who’ll be stopping by to give those Tekken bods and Street Fighters, a shockingly good ass kicking. Since E3, Capcom have also confirmed Cole will also be making an appearance in the PlayStation 3 version of Street Fighter X Tekken as well. It is expected both versions will make use of the Cross-Save feature allowing you to transfer your game saves from PS3 to PS Vita, and continue the fight on the road.

Also due this year is the Tekken Hybrid collection that bundles the awesome looking GCI movie – Tekken: Blood Vengeance 3D along with a HD remake of Tekken Tag Tournament. The Tekken Hybrid Blu-ray is expected to be released this November.

The original Tekken is available right now on the PlayStation Store, Street Fighter X Tekken is due later this year on both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, and Tekken Hybrid is due for release for in November.

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