It so happens to appear in the latest  ( September 2011 ) edition PSM3. That Media Molecules are woking on a new title, not only that its been said that it will be for next console, the PlayStation 4. How much of this is true, we are a little unsure but speculations have been scattered accross the internet and the world, as to when the next console will release.

In PSM3 they said this:

”Finally, according to dev comments, Media Molecule are ‘moving away’ from LittleBigPlanet. What are they moving towards? Sensible speculation points to a new, creative, user-generated game for Playstation 4, as we know the PS Vita version of LBP is already in the conjoined hands of UK-based devs Double Eleven and Ragdoll Kung Fu-makers Tarsier Studios.”

We do know that Mm did announce they are ‘ Stepping away’ from LittleBigPlanet, but could they also meant the console as well? We want to hear your thoughts on this. My opinion is that its very possible that they could be working on a new title for the PlayStation 4. But we shouldn’t expect any announcements regarding the release dates for PlayStation 4  any time soon, especially with Vita in Sony’s eyes and concentration.

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