Rockstar have just released the first of a two-part series of videos unveiling Max Payne 3’s multiplayer side of things.

Max Payne 3 multiplayer will feature Bullet Time and will let you take the games characters online to battle it out in a variety of game modes including Gang Wars and Payne Killer. Bullet Time will let you slow down time to dodge bullets and take down enemy players which has been achieved by making sure that the only players that enter Bullet Time are the players in your line of sight.

Gang Wars takes gangs from single player and puts them online in different story based scenarios with each objective changing dynamically based on the results of each round. Payne Killer starts with two players being randomly selected as Max and Passos. If you kill either of them you assume their identity meaning you have to work alongside your killer.

Check out the trailer for more information and some awesome gameplay, kind of like Uncharted 3 on steroids.


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