Sony has today announced that Frobisher Says! The “eccentric and hilarious compendium of fast-paced mini games” will be available to all PlayStation Vita users, for free, from April 25. So basically from now.

It was originally available for free to all users who pre-ordered their PS Vita systems, but is now available free of charge to every PS Vita user via the PlayStation Store.

“The premise is simple; Frobisher, a strange sort of chap, commands players to perform all manner of usual and surreal tasks using the whole range of inputs PS Vita has to offer. Poke an otter with a stick, deliver a pudding, draw on an egg, stir two bowls of soup, whatever Frobisher’s bidding players must obey by touching, shaking, moving, speaking or shooting using PS Vita. As well as single-player mode, up to twelve friends can pass one PS Vita between them for fast-paced, funny, and just plain weird multiplayer sessions!”

Sony also announced that from May 2nd 2012 a new piece of DLC will be added to title which will feature 15 new mini-games and will cost around £1.99.

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